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Rosa Quist is a fashion-, lifestyle-, portrait-, and eventphotographer based in Rotterdam: born and raised. Her work is colorful and glamorous yet with a sharp edge. She's always chasing the best version of people and to give her the biggest compliment is to say her models feel comfortable around her and in front of her lens.Her work has been exposed in various magazines and online portals, as well as printmedia. 
ROSA QUIST is een modefotograaf, lifestylefotograaf, portretfotograaf uit Rotterdam. Fotograaf Rotterdam. Portretfotograaf portret fotografie.

This is a photo of a beautiful red haired woman drinking a glass of champagne on an event.
This is a photo of a happy cute blonde dutch girl. She's in The Upside Down museum in Amsterdam, and it looks like she's ready to board on her pink private jet.
This is a photo of a beautiful girl with dark curls. She has yellow make-up around her eyes, long nails, beautiful lipstick and make-up. Her hair is done up with some of it against her face. This is a photo in the category of beauty photography.
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